Florida Lottery numbers from April 24 drawings. Publix sells $2 million winning Lotto ticket (2024)

There were four winners in the drawings held Wednesday, April 25 in the Florida Lottery, excluding Cash Pop.

It was the second day in a row there was a $2 million winner for those playing the Florida Lottery. The big winner was the person who bought a Florida Lotto ticket at a Publix in Port Orange.

It was nearly a clean sweep for Publix, which sold three out of the four winning tickets drawn Wednesday. All the other winners were playing Fantasy 5.

Games played Wednesday included: Powerball, Florida Lotto, Cash4Life, Cash Pop and Fantasy 5.

Here are Wednesday's results:

Powerball results from Wednesday, April 25 drawing

  • Winning numbers: 2-20-22-26-47 Powerball: 21 PowerPlay: 4
  • Estimated jackpot: $129 million
  • Winning tickets: No winning tickets sold
  • Next jackpot draw date: April 27 for estimated jackpot of $149 million

Second tier prize

  • Prize: $1 million
  • Winners: No winning tickets sold
  • Double Play winning numbers: 23-25-45-46-62 Powerball: 25
  • Winning tickets: No winning tickets sold

Powerball is a multi-state, multimillion-dollar-jackpot game offered in 48 Lottery jurisdictions, including Florida. The game's starting jackpot is $20 million. Powerball has nine prize levels with lower-tier prizes ranging from $4 to $1 million and up to $2 million with Power Play and $10 million with Double Play.

Powerball tickets cost $2 per play. Powerball with Power Play tickets cost $3 per play. Powerball with Double Play tickets cost $3 per play. Powerball with Power Play and Double Play tickets cost $4 per play.

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Florida Lotto winning numbers from Wednesday, April 25 drawing

  • Winning numbers Florida Lotto: 20-31-35-38-39-43
  • Jackpot: $2 million
  • Winning tickets: One winning ticket sold
    • Publix, 1660 Taylor Road, Port Orange - QP
  • Next jackpot draw date: April 27 for estimated jackpot of $1 million
  • Winning numbers Double Play: 14-22-24-32-41-44
  • Winning tickets: No winning tickets sold

With Florida Lotto, every ticket purchased includes a randomly generated "multiplier" number that automatically increases non-jackpot cash prizes by two, three, four, five or 10 times. All Florida Lotto tickets cost $2 per play for the base game.

Double Play is an add-on feature that gives players the chance to win additional prizes up to $250,000 during an additional drawing held immediately following the Florida Lotto drawing, using the same numbers and multiplier on their ticket. Double Play costs $1 more per play.

Cash4Life winning numbers from Wednesday, April 25 drawing

  • Winning numbers: 23-35-36-41-44 Cashball: 4
  • Jackpot, $1,000 a day for life: No winners
  • Jackpot, $1,000 a week for life: No winners
  • Next jackpot draw date: April 25

Cash4Lifeis a regional multi-state game that offers two lifetime prizes and great odds. For $2, players try to match five white balls (1-60) and the Cash Ball (1-4) to win the top prize $1,000 a day for life.

If you match only the five white balls you win the second prize of $1,000 a week for life.

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Fantasy 5 winning numbers for midday drawing Wednesday, April 25

  • Winning numbers for midday drawing: 5-6-11-33-34
  • Jackpot: $56,432.40
  • Winning tickets: One winning ticket sold
    • Corkscrew Marathon, 8800 Corkscrew Road, Estero - QP
  • Next jackpot draw date: April 25

Fantasy 5 is a daily draw game with a top prize of approximately $100,000 if won by a single winner. If there is no top-prize winner, the top prize rolls down to the 4-of-5 and 3-of-5 prize levels. Tickets cost $1 per play.

Fantasy 5 winning numbers for evening drawing Wednesday, April 25

  • Winning numbers evening drawing: 2-3-16-26-27
  • Jackpot: $63,867.44
  • Winning tickets: Two winning tickets sold
    • Publix, 299 E International Speedway Boulevard, Deland
    • Publix, 2630 LPGA Blvd., Daytona Beach - QP
  • Next jackpot draw date: April 25

If there is no top prize winner, the money in the top prize pool rolls down and is shared equally among winners who picked four out of the five numbers, with a maximum prize of $555 per winner.

Cash Pop winners from Wednesday, April 25 drawing

  • Morning: 4 winners
  • Matinee: 11 winners
  • Afternoon: 14 winners
  • Evening: 5 winners
  • Late night: 2 winners

Cash Pop gives players a chance to win prizes up to $1,250 by matching just one number. Select a number from 1 to 15 or select up to 15 numbers. Then select the amount you want to play per number: $1, $2, or $5. The dollar amount played determines the cash prize you could win. Lastly, select how many consecutive draws you want to play; you can select up to 10 consecutive draws.

Florida Lottery numbers from April 24 drawings. Publix sells $2 million winning Lotto ticket (2024)


Florida Lottery numbers from April 24 drawings. Publix sells $2 million winning Lotto ticket? ›

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Publix shopper is $2 million richer after a ticket they bought matched all six numbers in Wednesday's Florida Lotto drawing. The winning numbers were 20, 31, 35, 28, 39 and 43. According to the Florida Lottery, the winning ticket was sold at the Publix at 1660 Taylor Road in Port Orange.

How to check Florida Lottery tickets? ›

You are responsible for the accuracy of your ticket. 5. Check the official drawing results to see if you're a winner! Draw results are available on the Lottery's website at www.flalottery.com, at authorized Florida Lottery retailers and by phone at (850) 921-PLAY (7529).

What is the easiest Florida Lottery to win? ›


Yep, if you want the best odds of any Florida Lottery ticket, reach for the $20 GRL. The overall odds of winning something on this ticket is 1:2.65.

How does the Florida Lottery notify winners? ›

The Florida Lottery will attempt to notify each winner by telephone or email using the contact information provided in the winner's registration data no later than one business day after the winners are posted on the Florida Lottery's website.

Did someone win the Mega Millions last night? ›

There was no jackpot winner in California for this draw. But there are 115,763 winning tickets! Get your ticket for the next draw.

How much do you win with 3 numbers on FLORIDA LOTTO? ›

Matching NumbersOddsBase Prize
2-of-621∶8.58Free Ticket
Overall Odds1∶7.61
2 more rows

How much will you win if you get four numbers in Lotto? ›

4 Matching Numbers4th Prize80
3 Matching Numbers4th Prize35
10 more rows

What are the easiest lottery to win? ›

The best chance of winning the most money when playing the lottery, in this instance, would be one that has a smaller pool of people. If you're looking for good odds and less competition, The Health Lottery is a great place to play. That is because the odds of winning the health lottery are 1 in 2.1 million.

Do most lottery winners win by quick pick? ›

The winning numbers are randomly drawn, meaning that ANY set of numbers has EXACTLY the same chance of winning as any other. There exists no advantage either way. It is true that most winners used quick picks, but this is because the vast majority of tickets sold are quick picks.

Which lottery scratch cards are best? ›

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest Return to Player
  1. Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %
  2. Whack a Jackpot – 96.30 % ...
  3. Wish Upon a Jackpot – 96.06% ...
  4. Pig Wizard – 95.82% ...
  5. Merlin's Millions – 95.17% Boasting an extremely high RTP for an online scratch game, Merlin's Millions is a popular choice for this type of casino genre. ...
Nov 22, 2022

How long does it take to get your money from Florida Lottery? ›

The earliest you may receive your CASH4LIFE top prize is on the 15th day after the winning draw date. Tickets mailed to the Florida Lottery Headquarters will take approximately 30 days for the claims process. Damaged or disputed tickets, or tickets belonging to winners with state-owed debt may take longer to process.

Do Lottery winners pay taxes in Florida? ›

Florida. Florida also doesn't tax lottery winnings, so your Powerball prize will only be subject to federal taxes. (That's good news since a recent $1.58 billion Mega Millions winning ticket was sold in the state.) Florida is also one of nine states that don't have a personal income tax.

What not to do if you win the Lottery? ›

The 5 most common mistakes lottery winners make that the $291 million Powerball winner should avoid
  1. Choosing a lump sum payment instead of an annuity. ...
  2. Overestimating your newfound wealth. ...
  3. Treating winnings like Monopoly money. ...
  4. Not consulting with financial professionals. ...
  5. Falling victim to lifestyle creep.

Did anyone win Mega Millions 5/3/24? ›

There were no jackpot winners in Friday's drawing, but Tuesday's drawing has jumped to an estimated $306 million. One lucky players in South Dakota won $1 million after having all the correct white ball numbers for the Match 5.

How much do you win if you get one number on Mega Millions? ›

Do you win anything with one number on Mega Millions? If you match just the Mega Ball (and don't match any of the five regular numbers), you win a $2 prize and break even on the $2 cost of your Mega Millions ticket. However, If you match one white ball but not the Mega Ball, there is no prize.

Who won the Powerball jackpot? ›

Yanira Alvarez won what was Powerball's third-largest jackpot ever after buying a ticket at Las Palmitas Mini Market in downtown Los Angeles, officials revealed.

Can I scan my Florida Lottery ticket with my phone for free? ›

Scan your ticket: You can check to see if your ticket is a winner by using the self-serve ticket scanners at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer or by using the Lottery's free mobile app for iOS and Android users.

Where is the serial number on a Florida Lottery ticket? ›

FANTASY 5® (with or without EZmatch). Players are to enter the 19-digit ticket serial number, located on the front of the ticket, in the designated ticket entry area on the website or the App. A player may also scan the ticket barcode located at the bottom of the ticket.

What is the most you can win on Cash 3? ›

About Cash 3. All it takes are the right three-digit numbers and you could win up to $500!

How do you manually enter scratch off tickets in Florida? ›

To play, enter your ticket number by scanning the barcode on the Florida Lottery's mobile app, or by manually entering the 24-digit number on the website. Players can earn multiple entries during a single entry period, but players can only win one draw prize per entry.


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