Warframe Devstream 179 Breakdown - Lords of Gaming (2024)

The latest Devstream from Digital Extremes has just wrapped up on all officialWarframechannels. This Devstream follows up on everything we saw from the PAX East live Devstream. From slightly more info onWarframe: 1999to details on the next few updates coming to the game. Here is everything we learned from Devstream 179!

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TennoVIP Event at TennoCon 2024

They started the stream off with some details for TennoCon 2024. It will be a two-day event with the first day focused on an all-day TennoVIP event. For those who will be attending, you will be able to hang out with the development team and fellow Tenno with free food and drinks provided. The TennoVIP event will beWarframe: 1999themed and the ability to buy merchandise at the venue.

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For those who were waiting to buy this year’s merchandise pack for TennoCon, they have fixed international shipping and will be issuing refunds for those who purchased the merchandise. It will not be for the full order; it will just be the difference in the shipping cost. Finally, there will be an online cosplay contest for those who cannot attend TennoCon to participate in the live cosplay contest. You will have until June 23rd to submit your online cosplay.

Got a real-life Fashion Frame you're eager to flaunt at TennoCon? Pre-register for the Cosplay Contest for a chance to win $10,000 CAD at this year's show! https://t.co/vcO4qqaTJT pic.twitter.com/0QQwyolSQ4

— WARFRAME (@PlayWarframe) April 26, 2024

Now onto the reveals from the Devstream.

NewWarframe: 1999and Protea Prime Details

They showed a whole slew of different concept art for Aoi, Arthur and the Atomicycle. Which will be your means of transportation inWarframe: 1999.They also talked about what inspired the design and color scheme of the Atomicycle. The expansion, slated for this year is influenced mostly by the Matrix, as stated by Megan Everett in our .

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They also revealed a new teaser trailer for Protea Prime:

There was no narration in this trailer but it will come in the full trailer before she arrives on May 1st. For players unfamiliar with the lore, you can expect to hear Parvos Granum, instead of Ballas in this trailer. They also showed off Velox and Okina Prime in game and we now know their stats. Velox will have more status chance over its original with the same ammo efficiency passive. With Okina having a more critical stat focus. Also, her idle animation included her reading Noctua, Dante’s signature weapon. So, there may be more lore than meets the eye in her trailer.

Following the release of Protea Prime, there will be a smaller update that players can look forward to beforeJade Shadowsin June.

New Kuva, Tenet weapons, and Nightwave

On May 15th, they will be dropping a new Nightwave that will feature 30 rewards that feature Daybreak themed skins for existing weapons. Such as the Cedo, Nukor and Glaive. As well as a masking gene kit for your pets and an armor set. There will also be a new batch of Tennogen skins that feature a corpus looking Baruuk skin. Pale white Revenant skin, and a sentient mag skin.

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Finally, as teased by Wednesday’s Devshorts stream. There will be a new Kuva and Tenet weapon coming toWarframe.In the form of the Kuva Sobek and Tenet Glaxion. There are no models of these weapons to show at this moment.

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But the real focus of the full Devstream was the next major update,Jade Shadows.

Jade Shadows Preview

Jade Shadowswill be the next major content update and will be launching in June. You will need to have finished the New War to play it and the narrative portion of it will be below an hour long with Parvos Granum having a hand in the narrative. Similarly to the quest in Veilbreakerin 2022. But there will be a lot of new things to look forward to with this content update. Namely the 57th warframe, Jade. Who will have an angelic design and support focus for her abilities.

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Backshot of Jade

She will come with three signature weapons. The Evensong bow, Cantare throwing Kunai, and Harmony scythe. The idea behind her weapons seems to be an inversion of what the Stalker has. They did show the Cantare and Harmony in game, Cantare is a weapon with innate blast damage with a mix of status and critical focus. With Harmony being fully critical focused. She will also come with an alternate helmet, similar to recent warframe releases.

There will be a Yareli deluxe skin coming in this update, and a new ship skin themed after Stalker’s signature ship, “Terror”.

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There will also be a new clan operation coming after Jade Shadows launches, called “The Belly of the Beast”. This will have a unique game mechanic that is included with Jade Shadows.

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While there will be a bigger deep dive next month in the next Devstream. There also a whole slew of other changes and additions coming with Jade Shadows.

New Eximus Enemy, and Game Mode

All factions will now have a new “Jade Light” eximus variant. What this does has yet to be revealed, and there will also be a new game mode coming toWarframecalled “Ascension”.

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They also outlined a lot of changes and improvements coming to the overall game that include:

  • Whispers in the Wallswill be replayable.
  • A large chunk of standing will be coming to Netracells and Deep Archimedea.
  • Duviri will have more new decrees, and Alchemy will be added to the Circuit.
  • New warframe augments and arcanes are on the way.
  • Enemy AI and density will getting improved on current generation consoles. Which include the PlayStation 5, and new Xbox consoles.
  • Necramech acquisition will become easier for new players.
  • Debt Bonds and all of Stalker’s weapons will become easier to acquire.

They also detailed a massive overhaul to enemy scaling and damage types:

  • Enemy health and armor are going to become tuned to work better with status effects. Namely corrosive functioning better with grineer enemies.
  • Magnetic status effects will now also disable enemy shield regeneration against Corpus and Sentient enemies.
  • Blast will be getting buffed, in what way has yet to be confirmed.
  • Cold status effects will now not only fully freeze foes, but also increase critical chance and damage against those foes. Perfect timing with the Tenet Glaxion coming.
  • Every mission will now have suggested damage types listed for the enemies you will face.
  • Finally, semi-automatic weapons like the Latron and sniper rifles will now have a toggle similar to auto-melee so you can fire them consistently with one trigger hold. They will be adding a new mod that will disable fire rate increasing effects to improve damage and punch through.

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Closing Remarks on Devstream 179 for Warframe

That is everything they talked about in this latest Devstream forWarframe.All of this will be further expanded upon next month with Devstream 180. Please stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks via their new Devshorts format that we will be covering. If you would like to watch the full Devstream for any minute details and shenanigans, you can do so here.

Warframe Devstream 179 Breakdown - Lords of Gaming (2024)


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